Lil’ Piggies: The Fairy Tale Card Game That’s a Perfect 10

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More than your everyday kids card game, Lil’ Piggies stretches the mind of the 4-year-old and 40-year-old with its strategy and gameplay. With the help of our expert game advisors (my pre-schooler and first-grader), we’ve created a game that will get your child adding to 10 without even thinking about it. Lil’ Piggies has built in supports so even the struggling learner can play without hesitation…but enough strategy for everyone to enjoy. If you’re having trouble talking about math with your young ones, Lil’ Piggies can break the ice.


We’ve made it easy for emerging learners to match the cards that add to 10.

Join ten of the world’s most famous Piggies in a Fairy Tale Village as they battle with the Big Bad Wolves, a couple Huntsmen, and an evil Wizard. Will you be able to #savethepiggies?

Perfect for families wanting to connect, elementary teachers, and anyone with a passion for card games.